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Santikos Music Video Showcase Brings Together Two Of San Antonio’s 'Hidden Gems'

Samuel Lerma
Black Market Club

Although it’s been years since MTV regularly scheduled music videos, the art form continues to bring exposure to new artists online through YouTube and Vimeo channels. Now, Santikos Entertainment, San Antonio Sound Garden (SASG), and Alamo City Studios have created the Riffs and Reels Music Video Showcase, which will feature ten filmmakers chosen to produce music videos showcasing a variety of local acts, including AMEA, Black Market Club, Josh Glenn Experiment, Lonely Horse, Love Killed the Hero, My Madness, Sioux and Fox, Tera Ferna, Volcan and Xy!o.

All of the videos are getting the big screen treatment on Tuesday, June 20 at a special event happening at the Santikos Palladium. David Holmes, CEO of Santikos entertainment sees the project as a fruitful tool to build the music community in San Antonio.

“Santikos has its roots here in San Antonio. We know movies and we know entertainment. We also know our community and how important the arts and culture are to maintaining a vibrant city,” Holmes said in a statement. “As a part of our social mission to serve San Antonio… we wanted to do something to at the grassroots level to support two of San Antonio’s hidden gems: music and film.”

“We partnered with San Antonio Sound Garden early on, and once we had the concept, involved Alamo City Studios to take it to the next level. With $17,500 in cash prizes and over 120 applicants, we think we’ve got something special on our hands,” Holmes said.

According to the SASG website, “While San Antonio is filled with culture, our music economy isn't built to sustain local musical entrepreneurs. Financial barriers and inadequate access to resources has proven debilitating.” Having a stronger music community will not only enrich our culture, it will create a musical hotspot for tourists to come and enjoy our music. Having showcases like Riffs and Reels will let our local talented musicians flourish.

Credit Alamo City Studios
Credit Alamo City Studios

The videos in the contest have been under production for the past month. Filmmakers have been working hard, and so have the musicians. AMEA commented that “It’s been crazy but exciting,” as the filmmakers are striving to get one of the cash prizes. The Texan filmmakers featured are: Alejandro DeHoyos (San Antonio), Matthew Buikema (San Antonio), Dustin Jacobson (San Antonio), Rogelio Salinas (San Antonio), Sam Lerma (San Antonio), Rod Guajardo (San Antonio), Lauren Bruno (Austin), Richard Jemal (San Antonio), Scott Langford (San Antonio) and Freddie Munoz (San Antonio).

Here are a few of the songs that are in the contest: 


LONELY HORSE "Holy Ghost Power"


SIOUX AND FOX "We'll Be Alright"

VOLCÁN "Las Aves"

The event will have two separate showcase times, each showcasing 5 music videos,  followed by an awards ceremony at 9, and an after party at 9:30. For more information on the event, visit: https://www.santikos.com/musicvideo