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San Antonio Filmmaker Gets Boost

A San Antonio filmmaker just got a big boost in his efforts to produce his film.  That boost is in the form of a grant he got from a group that likes films to be shot in South Texas. Here's prize winner Fidel Ruiz-Healy.

"The San Antonio Film Commission, through the local filmmaker's grant, awarded me $25,000 in matching funds for a script I submitted to shoot in San Antonio and the South Texas region."

The key phrase there is "matching funds"--Ruiz-Healy has already raised $25,000 towards completing his film. He clearly already has some skin in the game.

"Yes, that is exactly correct.  Grants like also help in just being able to approach producers and investors and say like here's something that not only do we believe in, but others do as well."

I asked Ruiz-Healy if he had a specific muse for his film. 

"I was really inspired by Blood Simple. That kind of like really dark comedy that's just about human problems in a specific location."

That $25,000 grant will really help, but it's not as though fifty thousand will be enough to produce his film. 

"The next many months will be continuing to fundraise, continuing to reach out."

Also, winning the grant doesn't mean he simply gets a $25,000 check. The San Antonio Film Commission doles it out as the project plays out.

"You are given funds in increments as like you progress through the stages of production."

Ruiz-Healy aims to finish the film late next year to begin submitting to Film Festivals.

Jack Morgan can be reached at jack@tpr.org and on Twitter at @JackMorganii