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Stevie Ray To Billy Joe To A Very Unusual Bike Ride: Your Weekend Is Here

From Stevie Ray to Billy Joe to a very interesting bike ride--the weekend's here and it looks like fun. First off, Erik Christiansen says Sam's Burger Joint will be rockin' on Saturday night.

"Yeah, it sure will be. Six or seven of the best guitar players in the area doing a tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughn."

The players read like a who's who list of San Antonio ax men.

"Will Owen Gage with Ruben V., Jimmy Spacek, Adam Johnson, Bobby Mack,  Bob Charles."

That's Saturday night at Sam's Burger Joint. Or you can hit the road to Luckenbach and hear the guy who Johnny Cash said was his favorite song writer. Billy Joe Shaver follows San Antonio's Two Tons of Steel to finish out the tiny town's Mud Dauber Fest and Chili cookoff. 

Then on Sunday Yvette Hernandez tells us about one of the city's most unusual bike rides.

"The Vegan Bike Ride is a monthly bike ride through town with vegans and non-vegans. And then we end up at a vegan-friendly restaurant and recoup those calories we just burned."

This ride highlights specific, art-inclined targets.

"Sunday we will be going to the West Side of town, and seeing some of the art."

Of particular note: a lot of those cool West Side murals. The 10- to 15-mile ride is on mostly level ground and doesn't require extreme efforts.

"We're meeting at Green Vegetarian and the Pearl at 8:45. We are rolling out at 9 o'clock, and we should return for brunch around 11."

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