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UTSA Puts On 'New Music' Festival

Todd Rosenberg
Avalon String Quartet

A three-night music festival is coming soon to the University of Texas at San Antonio.  It's happening Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

"Really, it's a multiple day celebration of the music of our time," says Ethan Wickman, who teaches music at UTSA

The festival's premise is that there's plenty of music written in the last 400 years worth hearing, something that Wickman enthusiastically agrees.

"There IS music in the last 400 years worth hearing! And there's music written in the last 5 years that's worth hearing."

And that's what the New Music Festival at UTSA's Recital Hall features: newly written music. Wickman lays out the schedule of events.

"The first evening, Tuesday the 8th is a concert featuring several UTSA faculty performers doing chamber music. The second evening is a wonderful string quartet, the Avalon String Quartet. They're in residence at Northern Illinois University, but they'll be here playing a program Wednesday the 9th" he said . "And then Thursday the 10th we'll have our special guest composer Jim Bonney.

Wickman says Bonney straddles two very un-like fields of music.

"The lines between pop music and classical music have blurred in an interesting way and I think Jim Bonney represents that. He's also an electric guitarist and he's going to feature at least one or two works with the band, an electric guitar concerto."

UTSA music students get credit for going to the concerts, so there will be a lot of students there. But people who have nothing to do with UTSA are quite welcome, too.  As to the cost, there isn't one.  He says those coming though will have the benefit of enjoying the music, plus they can meet those who made it.

"A pat on the back and a handshake and they can meet the performers.

See more on the UTSA New Music Festival here.

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