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New Theatrical Production An Experience Like No Other

It’s a new theatrical production, but if you’re expecting to just find your seat in a theater and be entertained, you’ve got another thing coming.  Just about nothing in this Trinity University Human Communication Theatre partnership production called Invisible Cities is standard. Director Pino di Buduo is here from Italy, and he steps us through the production.

“The people will enter the theater from the stage. So we’ll see the theater by a point of view they never see.”

Your first view is one that actors see in every production, but attendees rarely do. And then you continue on a kind of a surrealistic Alice Through the Looking Glass tour of the theater, and of the participants' minds.

"In the laboratory where they build, in the scenic studio, in the paint studio, the costumers studio.  We use fabric, we use light in a special way."

Hung fabric and projected colors and designs will usher theater-goers on a course of sorts, and along the way, students will perform for them. 

"More than 60 students that will participate. Each one presents something. Or a song. Or a dance. Or ballet.”

From ballet to singing to other arts, students hold up their end of the theatrics. And the pace of what you see is entirely up to you.

“So the spectator doesn’t go all together. They go in a line.”

Much like going to a museum, you do as you wish, lingering if you choose. He says this theater-going experience is exciting, different, and he guarantees this:

“That they will see the theater in a way they have never seen.”

It’s this Thursday and Friday night only. 

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