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The Playhouse: 'Water By The Spoonful'

The latest Playhouse production isn’t a Broadway song-andn-dance type of show. I spoke to one of its stars to get an idea of what to expect.

"The theme is drug abuse and people in recovery. It’s about family, obviously dysfunctional family…really dysfunctional family."

Gypsy Pantoja describes the setting for Water By The Spoonful.
"My character Odessa, who is the mother recovering from crack addiction, and has basically estranged herself completely from her family, especially her son."

I noted that that’s got to be a kind of tough part to play.

"Yes, it is. Because I am certainly not estranged from my family."

Also key to the production is Elliot, who is having a tough time.

"And the fact that he did two tours of Iraq, and that he did come back broken.  He did suffer a very traumatic event while he was there."

She says the play isn’t anti-war, but it seems to suggest more could be done for those doing the fighting.

"Hey, let’s look at these people coming back…how do we help them, how do we treat them?"

She says the play promises to be quite an experience for those who come.

"It’s a lovely piece, and I am working with an incredible cast and an incredible crew. The technical design is something that hadn’t been done in San Antonio, which is very exciting. It is a Pulitzer Prize-winning piece.

I asked  when can people see Water By The Spoonful.

"We will run through another three weekends, through July 26th. Shows are Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Friday and Saturday at 8 o’clock, and Sunday at 3. This is in the Cellar Theater in the playhouse. It’s about 60 seats. It’s very intimate. I think you’re going to be taken on a wild and exciting ride."

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