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Majestic Wants You To Take A Chance On Mamma Mia

 It’s been all the rage on Broadway for years, and now the traveling show has made it back to San Antonio. I was able to speak to a pair of its principal players.

“It’s an undeniably fun time whether you’re into Abba beforehand or not.”

Chelsea Williams plays soon-to-be married Sophie in the filled-with-Abba musical, Mamma Mia. Its premise is this.

“Sophie is the daughter. She invites these three men to the island who could potentially be her dad that she’s never known.  She’s getting married to her boyfriend Sky and she wants her dad to walk her down the aisle.”

“I play Sky, who is the fiancé of Sophie."

That’s Eric Presnall.

"And so he’s there to support her and to kind of live the chaos that is ensuing.”

The whole thing is a good time romp all set to the music of the Swedish Super group.

I had to point out “It must be a lot of pressure every night to go out--it’s your job to get people off their butts.”

“Yeah, I think every night I definitely pump myself up before the show and give as much as I have.  It’s not the typical music theater experience. There’s a whole section at the end that I don’t like to generally give away to people but it generally becomes a rock concert and people come down the aisles and are dancing and singing along.”

Mamma Mia plays at the Majestic Theatre through Sunday. For more, go here.