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Travel Back In Time In One Of San Antonio's Timeless Buildings

Maya Sokovic (San Antonio)
Austin Troubadours

An Austin music group is coming to a special San Antonio venue.  They call themselves the Austin Troubadours.

“We specialize in performing music of the Medieval and Renaissance times.”

Slobon Vujisic is their Music Director, and they don’t play ancient music on modern instruments.

“Exactly. They are authentic replicas of the instruments of the time.”

You won’t find them at the local music store.

“Those are really hard to get, I can tell you we have a great collection of replicas and medieval and renaissance instruments.”

And when they play those replica instruments, they do it in period costumes. As to what they sound like, play the video below to hear them.

“What we also do in the program is we talk about these musical instruments a bit. People find it interesting because if you go to the music store today and ask for one of these instruments" he laughed, "they will just look at you.”

Musical Bridges Around the World has brought the group for a San Antonio performance, and at a great venue for music.

“We are playing at San Fernando Cathedral this coming Sunday at 6:30, and the good thing is, the concert is free.”

We’ve more on the Austin Troubadours here

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