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Here's Shade And Food At A Price You Can Afford: Free

The city has an annual giveaway that many of you may want to know about. 

What they’re giving away is trees--A lot of ‘em. Here’s City Forrester Ross Hosea.

"We provide up to about 750 fruit and nut trees. We have the public come out and they can take home and plant and grow in their own yards.”

I jokingly asked “I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess you’re not giving away Blue Spruce?”

“No Blue Spruce, but we do have quite a variety, from apple, apricot, fig, a number of citrus—lemon, lime, orange. Pears, persimmons, pecans.

Important fact to remember. There’s only one tree given per household.

“We’ll have instruction on how to properly plant a tree. We’ll have experts from the city and state helping with that.

“So nobody can say ‘I don’t know how to plant a tree!”

“That’s right, there’s no excuse. We want people to take the tree, get it out of their car and get it in the ground as quickly as possible.”

The giveaway is at the Pearl.

"The event happens on Saturday, January 31st.  It begins at 9AM."

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