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Shedding Light On Blue Star's Luminaria Pop-Up

Luminaria, the city's yearly celebration of Art and Light, will soon turn downtown into a frenzy of creative expression. I've found an offshoot of Luminaria that you might want to check out. It won't be happening on the street, but at an artsy Hotel.

“Blue Star will be holding a pop-up exhibition at the Coronado Ballroom of the El Tropicano Hotel.”

The Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum’s, Jack McGilvray, details it.

“We’ll be having an electronic music ensemble called Hypersleep — they’ll be doing a performance, and then a UTSA grad, Roberto Cellis, will be doing a performance piece called Human Musical Instrument.”

I asked "Performance art that has music as part of it?"


The Ballroom has three smaller rooms, each of which will feature an artist.

“One of those rooms will be a projection piece called ‘Gold River’ by Jason Reed. And then we’ll have a couple of little Cathy Cunningham lightworks in one of the rooms. We’ll also have a piece called “Karaoke Hut” by Matt Kubo.”

"Karaoke Hut?" I asked.  "Does that mean people who come to see him will sing?

“Yes, so Matt will be there for the duration on both nights of the Luminaria. People can enter the space and sing karaoke with him inside of this small constructed hut.”

Luminaria will be tying up downtown, from the Library to El Tropicano, and along the river in a delightful mix of art, light and music.

“Friday, Nov. 7, it’ll be from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. [midnight], and also Saturday, Nov. 8, from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m.”

I asked "Is it going to be fun?"

“Definitely! And we’ll also have, as an extra kind of fun element in the space, a lounge area for Blue Star members to relax, take a break from all the walking around and seeing all the dozens of different works. So it’ll also be kind of a respite area.”

We’ve more on the Blue Star Luminaria pop up here.

Map of Luminaria here.