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Muertitos Fest: Celebration With A Touch of Education, The SAY Si Way

SAY Si has a three-night event that they call the Muertitos Fest. Say Si's Stephen Guzman says their take on the holiday is geared towards the young people who come there.

“Every night we’re going to have a different set of entertainment. Thursday night is going to be our showcase night and we’re going to have some amazing entertainment. We’re going to have the Maya Guiaro World Music Project, which is a trio of musicians who have pooled their inspirations from cultures all around the world.”

San Antonio Poet Laureate, Laurie Ann Guerrero, will also perform.

"And then Friday night is going to be a little bit of everything. We’re going to have food, dance, theater performances, as well as poetry celebrations going on. Our Friday and Saturday nights are our free events. We’re going to continue our Day of the Dead celebration with some altars, and some really great food and arts and booths. We’re going to have two stages that night with multitudes of different entertainment. We’re going to have some really great dance going on, and some student theater as well.”

And it doesn’t end Friday night.

“And then, Saturday’s our family day from 12-3pm. We’re going to have a lot of really great family folk art workshops. Face-painting is going to go on all three days, and there’s going to be music and performances that day as well.”

I asked "How does the Muertitos Fest differ from other Dia De Los Muertos celebrations?"

“What we like to do, as a youth arts organization, is we like to put a little educational spin on it. Music and fun, but things that are also going to educate the public as well.”

We’ve more on SAY Si’s Muertitos Fest here.

A video on Say Si's Muertitos Fest is here.  http://vimeo.com/77142565