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YOSA, Orchestrating The Sound Of Freedom

John Clare
Troy Peters

They’re called YOSA, Youth Orchestras of San Antonio and there’s a concert coming up that has a real sizzle to it. And that concert has a decidedly interesting theme.

“Music about freedom, from different angles.”

Troy Peters is YOSA’s Music Director.

“We’ve got Aaron Copland’s 'Lincoln Portrait'—this amazing, inspiring piece of music. And then we’ve got Shostokovich’s Fifth Symphony about a composer struggling for his life in the midst of a Totalitarian regime.”

I had to ask Peters how he manifests musically concepts of freedom.

“In Aaron Copland’s case he took words of Abraham Lincoln and wrote music that was inspired by those words.  Anytime someone wants to sound American now they imitate Lincoln portrait.”

"There’s actually a narrator for the Lincoln Portrait?"

“Ricardo Chavira. San Antonio native, a really great guy and we’re looking forward to working with him.”

YOSA Philharmonic violinist Jessie Atkins says the music definitely moves her.

“It’s very inspiring. You feel like the musical energy, and it’s very interesting to hear different musical stories about composers because you can feel like you’re feeling a part of their life. And you’re feeling their emotions and you’re feeling their energy as you’re playing the music.”

Troy Peters caps off YOSA’s performance by throwing the audience a real curve.

“’Conga del Fuego Nuevo’ is only a five year-old piece but it’s getting played all over the place. It’s five minutes of just sheer, dancing energy. It’ll make people want to get up and dance in the aisles at the Tobin Center.”

YOSA fills the Tobin Center with sound on Sunday the 26th. We’ve more here.