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Visual Arts Festival FotoSeptiembre Beginning In San Antonio

It’s a festival where the visual arts are what really matters. It’s called Fotoseptiembre.

“Fotoseptiembre is an eclectic, inclusive, community-based festival, with curated components of international artists,” said Michael Mehl, the founder and director of the Fotoseptiembre USA International Photography Festival. And while pictures are its largest focus, there’s a wider angle to it.

“Everything from traditional photography to photography in the digital format, to photography as a part of other media; anything that’s photo-based," Mehl said. "We are probably the only community-based photography festival around.”

Dozens and dozens of photography exhibits will be opening in art galleries and other venues all around town over the next couple of weeks, and run about a month.

“Around 40 exhibits is kind of the max that we feel is easy to work with," Mehl said.

As to what kind of pictures you can expect, Mehl said they really run the gamut.

“There is a really wide range of imagery that’s shown in Fotoseptiembre. We have everything from underwater photography to student images to travel images to high art,” he said.

Their web site contains pictures of exhibitors dating all the way back to 2011, with access to previous years available.

“That is where we currently present the artists who we event to exhibit with us,” he said.

The advent of digital photography greatly reduced the cost of shooting, which Mehl noted had wide-ranging effects.

"It kind of allows for more people to come in and explore what they’re trying to do or say. The main thing about it is that it lowers the barrier for entry,” he said.