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Things Get HOT At Bihl Haus Arts This Friday

It’s an art opening with a very unusual premise. First, there’s its title: "HOT."

“Hot is just an amazing exhibit and series of additional events that surround the idea of climate change," said Kellen McIntyre, Bihl Haus Arts executive director.

Regarding climate change, she had a nagging thought: 

“What could we do in San Antonio? How could we bring artists together?” McIntyre said.

So she appointed a curator to gather art on that theme.

“I’m working with Raul Castellanos, who is an amazing San Antonio Artist,” McIntyre said.

And together they’ve assembled works from dozens of artists all centered on the theme of climate change.

“HOT opens this Friday from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. We have three bands playing that night: I-Ching Gatos, ILA Minori and Blind Alley, each of the bands have written new music on climate change," McIntyre said. "There will be spot happenings happening around the pool area.”

“Yeah, well someone gets too hot, there’s a cure for that, right?” I quipped.

“That’s right!" McIntyre laughed. "There’s a pool right there!"

She thought for a second and added with a chuckle: "Don’t come in your bathing suits.”

Art, poetry, music -- the event has a very retro 1960s feel to it, but it’s actually more about the future than the past. McIntyre said about climate change, the artists should be heard.

“The artists are amongst the first to really take these challenging topics on,” she said.

Bihl Haus Arts brought them together to create this juried show, and there will be prizes, including one that, as she explained,  you get to award.  

“Visitors will also be able to vote, so there will be a peoples’ choice award,” she said.