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SAY Si Tackles Taboo Topics For Teens

SAY Sí is opening a new exhibition, and it has an unusual theme. First, to be sure you remember SAY Sí, here’s what they do:

“We’re a youth arts and education program for high school and middle school students that challenges those students to grow professionally and artistically," said Stephan Guzman, who manages communications there.

As to how they help them grow, Guzman said one of the ways is to challenge them to create art around a central theme.

“This year our students are tackling subjects that are not only seldom told, but topics that are forbidden from being told," he said. "So they wanted to do taboo topics.”

Guzman said the taboo topics they’re creating art around may be different than the ones you are envisioning.  

“They’re talking about teenage suicide and violence against women," he said. "The things that they face, but people don’t talk about it.”

As I noted to him, not all art is supposed to be pretty but some things need to be talked about anyway.

“Definitely," Guzman said. "We were a little skeptical at first but we’ve really seen some mature, honest portrayals of our students’ research.”

The exhibit opens opened Friday at SAY Sí, which is a 1518 South Alamo.  

“They’ve transformed our galleries to beautiful, but kind of uncomfortable spaces,” Guzman explained.
Our students are going to be doing short documentaries, stop-motion animations. You’ll be seeing sculpture work, mixed media paintings and collage. Creativity is exploration and getting outside of your comfort zone and questioning things.”

The show is up until August 22.