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Guadalupe's New Exhibit Has Parallel Meaning

It’s called Flatland, and it's the new exhibit at Museo Guadalupe. To get a handle on it, I spoke with Guadalupe Cultural Center Executive Director and Curator Patty Ortiz. It turns out it's a pretty complex idea for an exhibition.

“Flatland all began with something I was noticing about contemporary art. It was this urge from artists to start using this flat imagery. Flat colors, flat design,"  Ortiz states.

But this is where Flatland also takes on a whole different meaning.

“But, the other thing that was very interesting to me was the notion that I kept bringing back from Thomas Friedman about is the world flat?" she queried, "this simple idea about the world becoming a flat playing field economically.”

Put another way, where once there were major art markets surrounded by relative deserts of art, now a kind of artistic egalitarianism has arisen, a kind of culture sharing brought on by the internet and peoples’ increasing mobility. 

Ortiz continued, “but then there’s also some threats that can happen in terms of the sharing of cultures, and the threat of homogenization.”

To play out the Flatland idea in the gallery, Ortiz has assembled the works of ten artists in various media.

“We’ll have installations, you’ll have drawings, and some painting, small collage, found objects works, there’s some soft sculpture, and a video piece as well.”

She says the Guadalupe is performing a unique function in the city’s Arts and Culture scene.

“Preserve the traditions, but also look where things are going in the next generation, embrace them and support them and make sure that it is happening with respect and honor,” Ortiz says.

The Flatland exhibit starts Friday, July eleventh at Museo Guadalupe.

“We just renovated the space these last few weeks, so when people come in they’re going to see a beautiful new exhibition space" she said. "I hope everyone comes to see this new space because it’s a great addition to the San Antonio Arts community,” she says.

We’ve more on Flatland here: http://www.guadalupeculturalarts.org/flatland/

Jack Morgan can be reached at jack@tpr.org and on Twitter at @JackMorganii