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Will Your Child's Summer Be A Work Of Art?

Even while many San Antonio families are enjoying Spring Break this week, they're already thinking of summer, and what the kids will be doing while school's out. The Southwest School of Art’s summer program registration is just around the corner, and they offer a ten week long summer studio experience.

Patricia Morales directs the Young Artists Program at the Southwest School of Art.

“We run from June 2nd through August 8th," Morales says. "Families can register for as many weeks as they’d like; all of our classes change on a weekly basis," she continues. "And they can attend either half a day or a full day."

The facility is well-stocked with studios and materials, and as Morales detailed, the schedule of classes is quite varied.

“We have over a hundred classes for ages five through eighteen. And they range from very technical classes in drawing and painting, and ceramics, to more exploratory classes for some of our younger students in fibers or weaving. We also have two phenomenal film classes this summer," she added. "We have a visiting artist coming in from Brooklyn, New York. His name is Steve Cossman. And he’s going to be offering a direct filmmaking workshop. And then towards the end of the summer we’re working with local film director Sam Lerma, who’s going to be making a how to make movies seminar."

The Southwest School of Art inhabits the old Ursuline Academy complex on the banks of the San Antonio River downtown. Morales sings its praises.

“We’re lucky to have such a beautiful grounds, especially for our portraiture drawing classes, our landscape drawing classes, or water color classes, where students actually have the opportunity to go out in nature."

Southwest School members have preferred registration next week; non-members can register the week thereafter.

“A lot of local artists are the ones who are leading these classes with these students" says Morales.

For more: https://www.swschool.org/

Jack Morgan can be reached at jack@tpr.org and on Twitter at @JackMorganii