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Downtown Tuesday Brings The Holiday Swing This Week

Photo: Christian Collins

In San Antonio’s huge array of holiday events, a few stand out apart from the others. This one though, definitely does.

"It’s a big band concert on Tuesday December 3 at the Empire Theater," said Brent "Doc" Watkins, talking about his upcoming show at the CharlineMcCombs Theater.

"I’ve got an 18-piece big band that’s going to be performing a number of holiday and Christmas classics --everything from "Jingle Bells" to "Charlie Brown’s Christmas," to things like "O Holy Night." I’ve got a variety of singers coming in, it’s going to be a really great show," Watkins said.

With 18 pieces you can get a really big sound.

"It’s huge: Four trumpets, four trombones, five saxophones, a four-piece rhythm section and vocalists," Watkins said. "And it’s going to sound really great in the Empire Theater."

The big band holiday isn’t completely a stand-alone event. The overall event is Holiday on Houston Street.

"Bohanan’s Steak House is presenting Holiday on Houston Street," Watkins said. "They’re going to light their giant Christmas tree in the courtyard."

It’s also a part of the recurring Downtown Tuesday initiative, as Watkins said.

"We’re a big part of Downtown Tuesday, we’re big supporters of what Downtown Tuesday is doing, which is trying to bring local San Antonians to their downtown on Tuesday and so they offer free parking in select garages and on the street," he said. "It’s going to be a party is what it’s going to be. I mean, the street’s going to be full of people and full of music. We really really tried to put a package together and create a really special evening for folks."

Holiday Swing is Tuesday night downtown.