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Religion And Science Mix In New Southwest School Of Art Exhibit

Artist Chris Sauter wants you to question the notions of religion and science, and how they interact -- or don't interact.

"If you’re a religious person you can’t really believe in science and if you’re a scientific person you can’t really believe in religion," he said. "I think that’s a fallacy."

So Sauter creates art to get you to think about how they have a certain overlap. Soon, he will have four themed exhibitions in four separate locations.

"The Southwest School exhibition is the first," he said. "It opens on November 21."

"We are so honored to have Chris Sauter begin his project called 'Pilgrimage' at the Southwest School of Art," said Southwest School of Art President Paula Owen.

Sauter said the idea of a pilgrimage is reflected in the four different locations for his work.

"By having them at different sites the viewer is asked to essentially go on a pilgrimage from site to site," he said.

It's been said before that art and religion make for odd bedfellows.

"Yes, and others would say that science and religion have a lot of commonality" Owen said.

Does Sauter have any expectations for how people react to his work?

"I hope I generate some thought," he said. "I hope some might even inspire awe, which is a really interesting response to the world, because awe opens you up to new ideas."

To see what his work inspires in you, you can make a pilgrimage to the Southwest School of Art where it’s on display until February 2.