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Carver Cultural Center Hosts The Ahn Trio

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The Ahn Trio is a highly regarded chamber ensemble, and they're coming Saturday night to the Carver Cultural Center. Their performance in the Alamo City though brings with it a twist. The dance troupe Nai Ni Chen will perform onstage with them.

"I find it very engaging and exciting, and hopefully our audiences will [too]," said violinist Angela Ahn.

"We are much more involved with the dancers. A lot of the choreography involves the dancers actually dancing around us. And it is so amazing to see what other artists are creating based on your music."

It’s all happening Saturday night at 8 at the Carver Cultural Center. Angella, Lucia and Maria are the sisters who make up the Ahn Trio. As the combination of adding dance to their music illustrates, they’ve got a voracious appetite for new challenges.

"I think that some of that comes from our cultures, having been born in Korea and being raised in the United States. Also I think years and years of living in New York City. I feel like music, even chamber music, is just something that has evolved over the years."

We asked Angela to describe her music for people who haven't heard it.

"I think of our music as the kind of music that really makes you attach your emotions to. It’s not music that you can just listen to in the background. I think you get very emotionally involved listening to our music."

You can find out for yourself on Saturday night.



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