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Colombian Stilt Walkers Mix Modern Dance, Ballet At Plaza Avenida

Nemcatacoa Teatro

The Guadalupe Cultural Arts has brought an unusual troupe of performers to San Antonio. Simply put, it’s one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen.

Yvonne Montoya, Program Director for the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, said the Colombian stilt walking group are on an international tour right now.

"You can see modern dance in there, you can see the look of ballet, it’s all kind of genres put together," Montoya said.

"In Colombia there is a lot of tradition of the stilts," said Nematacoa Teatro Artistic Director Nicolas Sifuentes. "There is like 15 professional companies in Colombia."

This edgy modernist art form has traditional roots in Colombia. Nemcatacoa has been touring around the country and each performance is about 60 percent spontaneous depending on the place they’re at.

"Every time is a new performance," Sifuentes said. "That makes it a little bit risky, but at the same time it makes it beautiful because it's so unique."

Their time in San Antonio comes to an end with a free performance Sunday the 17 at Plaza Avenida at 4 p.m.

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