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The Witte's "CSI, The Experience" Lets You Become The Sleuth

The Witte Museum’s new exhibition is a whodunit adventure. The new exhibit is called "CSI, the Experience" and like the TV program, murder is at its core. 

The Witte’s Shannon Standley walked us through the three grisly settings where fictional victims had met their demise.

“When you first come in you have three crime scenes to choose from," she says. "Crime scene number one appears to be a car that has crashed into a living room and you see a victim inside the driver’s seat. And so you examine the room, see what clues you can find, before you head into the forensic science lab."

Witte VP for Exhibitions Randall Webster explained that -- as in the TV show -- CSI is built around the peeling-the-onion nature of crime solving.

"Through a series of questions and investigations we can eliminate some of the suspects and really hone in on what happened in this crime scene," Webster said.

The exhibit opens Saturday and is geared towards young people who can have fun combing carefully over these scenes, jotting down the evidence before them.

"This is the autopsy room; we have three autopsies" added Webster as he showed off the exhibit's three morgue tables. Despite the nature of the exhibit, parents needn't worry as the scenes are quite tame.

Jack Morgan can be reached at jack@tpr.org and on Twitter at @JackMorganii