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See A Super-Long Accordion At Artpace's Localized Histories Exhibit

Open now at Artpace in the upstairs Hudson Showroom is the new exhibit Localized Histories. Artpace’s Deputy Director Mary Heathcott explains the collection's backstory.

"Most central to the exhibition is a work by Artpace’s founder, Linda Pace. Linda Pace worked with assemblage and found objects in her own artwork," she says.

From huge works taking an entire wall, to smaller ones using dimes, nickels and small balls, they’re all comprised of artist-found elements. Then there’s the piece in the center of the room.

"That is a piece by Christian Marclay, and it is a extra long accordion. It’s probably four times the length of what an actual squeezebox would be."

Localized Histories is free and open to the public until December 29. Learn more at artpace.org.

See the eye-catching "Accordion" display by Christian Marclay:

October 12 is Artpace's Chalk it Up, a celebration combining art, artists and families in the downtown streets.

"On October twelfth we have our big Arts Festival on downtown’s Houston Street called Chalk it Up," Heathcott says. "That is the largest expression of what we do in the building here at Artpace, where we have free Art Education activities for family members of all ages, as well as commissioned art murals by some of San Antonio’s most talented artists."