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The Cave Without A Name In Concert This Saturday For Autumn Equinox

A very unusual concert that happens every solstice takes place this Saturday in a very unlikely location.

Celebrating the autumnal equinox, concert-goers head eighty feet down, deep inside the Cave Without a Name, which is near Boerne. Musician Rudi Harst and a makeshift band will play, along with an interesting partner.

"The most important musician in the room is the cave herself," Harst said. "The resonant aspect of the room, and also, the deeply spiritual experience of being deep within mother earth."

As to what kind of music concert-goers can expect at the cave:

"You’ll hear an eclectic mixture of contemporary folk music, a tribal world beat with a percussive underpinning, as well as totally stunning silence, and contemplative quiet, meditative music," Harst said.

The venue presents an experience unlike anything you'll see at music halls.

"There are always a few bats in the crevices," Harst said, "and you have the opportunity to be six feet away from a sleeping bat.”

Jack Morgan can be reached at jack@tpr.org and on Twitter at @JackMorganii