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Ring In The New Year With Texas Public Radio Via Vienna

Roger Mastroianni
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Conductor Franz Welser Most

Live broadcast of the Vienna Philharmonic and Franz Welser Most takes place Jan. 1st

The Vienna Philharmonic has selected the General Music Director of the Vienna State Opera, Franz Welser Most, to conduct the New Year's Concert 2013. Philharmonic Chairman Clemens Hellsberg said the invitation was extended not only on the basis of the convincing artistic success of his New Year's Concert 2011, but also in recognition of Most's stellar collaboration with the Philharmonic as well as in the Vienna State Opera.

TPR's John Clare asked Most about opera, as well as conducting on a holiday:

"If you would ask my wife, she would say no [for conducting on a holiday].  But when you work in the field where I work -- I'm sure it is the same for you -- holidays don't really exist, unless you make them holidays. In opera, like here at the Vienna State Opera, holidays are the biggest and busiest times of the year. We are in the entertainment business, so we work. With this sort of music though, it is a joy!"

Locally, the concert will air at 10 a.m. New Year's Day, January 1st, 2013. 

The program includes:

Josef Strauss: The Soubrette, Fast Polka, op. 109

Johann Strauss, Jr.: Kiss Waltz, op. 400

Josef Strauss: Theater Quadrille, op. 213

Johann Strauss, Jr.: From the Mountains, Waltz, op. 292

Franz von Suppé: Overture to the Operetta "Light Cavalry"

Josef Strauss: Music of the Spheres, Waltz, op. 235

Josef Strauss: The Spinstress, Polka française, op. 192

Richard Wagner: Prelude to Act III of the Romantic Opera "Lohengrin", WWV 75

Joseph Hellmesberger, Jr.: In Confidence, Polka mazur, op. 15

Josef Strauss: Hesperus’ Paths, Waltz, op. 279

Josef Strauss: The Runners, Fast Polka, op. 237

Joseph Lanner: Styrian Dances, op. 165

Johann Strauss, Jr.: Melodies Quadrille, op.112

Giuseppe Verdi: Prestissimo from the Ballet Music in Act III of the Opera "Don Carlo"

Johann Strauss, Jr.: Where the Lemon Trees Bloom, Waltz, op. 364

Johann Strauss, Sr.: Memories of Ernst or The Carnival of Venice, Fantasy, op. 126

There is more online at: www.wienerphilharmoniker.at/index.php