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This Is Our Administrative Assistant Day!

Actor Jeff Goldblum is a busy guy. From hunting down dinosaurs in Jurassic Parkto fighting aliens in Independence Day, he has done it all. But, as he tells host Ophira Eisenberg, these days he is learning the ropes of a completely new role-- father to his one-year-old son, Charlie Ocean, who was born, believe it or not, on July 4th. Independence Day: Resurgenceco-star Maika Monroe shared stories about how her own father taught her to kite-surf, a sport that she planned to pursue professionally up until she landed a part in the Zac Efron/Dennis Quaid movie, At Any Price.

Though Maika was only two years old when the original Independence Day movie premiered, she told Eisenberg that today she has watched it "maybe fifteen to seventeen times." For this sequel, Monroe joins the ranks of an all-star cast and crew, many of whom also worked on the original. When asked how the two films compare, Goldblum explains that this time around the set, the aliens, the action, and the CGI effects are "much, much bigger," creating a "spectacle-palooza of destruction." Of course, being an actor amidst such a spectacle is not without its challenges. As Goldblum puts it, "You're on the moon but you're not, you're seeing aliens but you're not, you've got to use your imagination." Monroe agrees. Filming scenes opposite large disembodied tentacle puppets, she muses, is not for the faint of heart.

Their Ask Me Another game is inspired by the original Independence Day, which contains one of the most infamous inspirational movie speeches. We've rewritten that speech, and now our VIPs must battle it out to guess which other holidays we are talking about.


Jeff Goldblum on his Goldblum Ranking Scale.

This interview already has ten out of a possible ten Goldblums.

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