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Ask Me Another

  • Jonathan Coulton sings songs by Freddie MERCURY with lyrics changed to be about elements on the periodic table. Cecil Baldwin and Kate Jones compete to find out who is Queen of the Noble Gases.
  • Zachary Quinto talks about playing Mr. Spock in the Star Trek films, and the new Netflix adaptation of the play The Boys in the Band. Then, he plays a game about famous Pittsburghers and famous pits.
  • Baratunde Thurston and Kiran Deol take a trip to Flavortown in this game based on celebrity chef catchphrases. Don't listen on an empty stomach.
  • In this game with Welcome to Night Vale's Cecil Baldwin and The Neo-Futurists' Kate Jones, the letter "E" is added to book titles to change their meaning.
  • Just when you thought the show was over, Fact Bag appears with a new, random question for Ophira Eisenberg and Jonathan Coulton to puzzle over. What was the first message sent over the internet?
  • Baratunde Thurston and Kiran Deol play a game about old-timey scientific theories that were later debunked. To paraphrase Ray Parker Jr., "Debunkin' makes me feel good!"
  • A few weeks ago, comedian John Early answered trivia questions about the Brady Bunch. So when cartoonist Keith Knight and his sister Tracy requested a Brady Bunch game, the research was already done.
  • Jonathan Coulton performs Beatles songs re-written to be about bugs, and Busy Philipps and Shantira Jackson have to figure out what he's singing about.
  • Cartoonist Keith Knight and his sister Tracy have to guess what comic strip a line of dialogue is from.
  • Two-time Academy Award winner Hilary Swank discusses her new Netflix show Away. Then, she plays a game based on her love of dogs where she guesses what luxury canine services are real or fake.