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 Private schools weighing whether to reopen their campuses as the coronavirus pandemic continues face a different calculus than their public counterparts.
Miguel Gutierrez Jr. | The Texas Tribune

This article originally appeared in The Texas Tribune.

While debate about how to safely reopen public schools in Texas raged through the summer, Kim Olstrup was preparing to bring students back to her Midcities Montessori private school in Bedford. She bought an electrostatic disinfection device similar to one used on airplanes and halved enrollment from about 130 students to about 60 to accommodate social distancing in her classrooms.

Texas Teachers Caught In The Middle Of Political Battles Over Schools Reopening

Jul 12, 2020
 Students leave the classroom to work in the computer lab at Mata Intermediate School.
Pu Ying Huang | The Texas Tribune

Teachers like Jennifer Boyer have become the rope in a political tug of war over reopening Texas schools.

While record numbers of Texans are hospitalized and dying from COVID-19, the question of whether teachers will be pulled back into classrooms next fall, willing or not, has spawned pitched national and local battles over the safety of restarting in-person public education.

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Students in Odessa returned to class on Tuesday, many of them dressed in yellow. It was planned by Odessa High School’s student council to show support, and convey a sense of hope, after the recent mass shooting that killed one of their classmates, 15-year-old Leilah Hernandez.

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Winter weather conditions delayed or canceled flights and services, shut down museums, libraries and movie theaters, and closed academic and government institutions throughout the San Antonio region Tuesday.

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For numerous years, many school districts across Texas have seen the state’s portion of their funding steadily decrease.  House Bill 21 this legislative session was an effort to begin turning that trend around by rewriting what’s referred to as “the formulas”- the equations used for determining how much state funding is appropriated.

With her infant son in a sling, Monique Black strolls through a weekend open house in the gentrified Shaw neighborhood of Washington, D.C. There are lots of factors to consider when looking for a home — in this one, Monique notices, the tiny window in the second bedroom doesn't let in enough light. But for parents like Black and her husband, Jonny, there's a more important question: How good are the nearby schools?

The Source: Who's In Charge Of America's Schools?

Sep 28, 2015

For the failing school system of Newark, NJ, the $100 million lifeline should have been the answer to its problems. When Mark Zuckerberg teamed up with then Newark mayor Cory Booker and New Jersey governor Chris Christie, they had a plan, the funds and a lot of people watching. With this combination of money and political backing, how could they fail? 

Zuckerberg, Booker, and Christie not only wanted to fix a local problem, but to also find a solution for struggling schools nationwide. Despite their strong team, successful reforms proved elusive.

Texas Senate leaders today announced efforts to assist public school children who want to attend private schools.

Texas School Safety Center

[Update: Thursday, Dec. 20] The Texas School Safety Center, located at Texas State University in San Marcos, now says there are only 29 schools not in compliance with the safety audits.

This is down from the 78 total districts who did not meet the Texas Education Code safety requirement -- 38 that did not report, and 40 that were not fully compliant. The center said that slow paperwork is to blame for those schools that are now cleared.