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Get Celtic At The Tobin On Thursday

Celtic Nights
Celtic Nights

A very Irish-centric night is soon to be celebrated at the Tobin Center. It's called Celtic Nights and it isn't just singing and dance. They also mix in a heaping bit of history. Here's CiarranOlohan.

"Yes, absolutely. For the first time we've sort of brought our traditional music, song and dance together with the story of our independence," he said. "And this year's a very special year in Ireland because it marks a hundred years since the Easter Rising, which was the launch pad for Ireland's bid for freedom."

While there's plenty of history, they say the night is more about fun. Here's Rebekkah Johanne describing the troupe.

"We have six singers, we have five dancers and we have three musicians.  And we also have of course our fabulous lighting designer."

She says the show's lighting, effects and other elements are quite excellent. But Ms. Johanne's favorite part is getting the audience involved.

"We sit down at the front of the stage and we try to re-create what happens in and around Dublin. And it's magical. We get the audience to sing along. By the end of it they're up dancing on their feet."

Ciarran agreed. 

"People are there to be entertained and I don't think they want to get bogged down in history and so the way we're really telling the story, through our song and our dance and our Irish traditional music. It seems to be really working."

Celtic Nights appears at the Tobin Center this Thursday.

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