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Knee Baring Lads Of Celtic Thunder Hit Majestic

Courtesy photo

Celtic Thunder are a group of young, talented and very photogenic Irish singers. They’re on a tour of North America and will play at the Majestic Theatre on Friday, February 13. Colm Keegan, who holds a music degree from University College, Dublin, joined the line up in May of 2012.

True to form, the group spends a much-anticipated portion of each show sans pants.

“That’s right, yeah the kilts,” says Keegan with a laugh. “Our producer Sharon Browne had an idea of putting us all in kilts, and it seemed like maybe a good idea at the start. But now it’s become this fatal look that we can’t really seem to shift. I think if we did and a show and we didn’t end up in kilts at some point, the fans of the show would kick up a bit of a fuss.”

He does add that “the stage can get very hot during the show and the lights can get boiling, so it’s nice to get a bit of a breeze now at the end of the show.”

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