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Carla Bruni's "Little French Songs"

Verve Records

"I got used to notoriety early," said Carla Bruni in an interview with the British newspaper, The Telegraph. So there's nothing holding her back as she sings little songs about her former life, and romantic entanglement with a very famous pop star of the sixties.

She obviously has no qualms about her veiled references to the current French president either, and as far as her husband (Nicolas Sarkozy) goes, he is also acknowledged as the love of her life.

I find all of the "Little French Songs" delightful, and I particularly enjoy Carla Bruni's delivery. She sounds as if she's singing to herself in a quiet, pleasant room.

It doesn't seem fair that a beautiful ex-model, married to a towering important politician, could also be so talented, but Carla Bruni does indeed seem to have it all.

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