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Bajofondo: South American Landscapes

Sony Masterworks

Bajofondo started as a loose collective of musicians from Argentina and Uruguay, but over time formed a solid core of players that have since become a cohesive band. Their latest release, "Presente," consists of twenty one tracks and has a massive sound.

For this CD the group augmented their sound with an enormous orchestral section, giving each of their songs a full and well-rounded sound.

Argentine Grammy Award-winning producer/composer/musician Gustavo Santaolalla - best score for "Brokeback Mountain" and "Babel" - founded the group with Urugyayan producer/musician Juan Campodónico.

Although Bajofondo started out as a tango-oriented band, they have since distanced themselves from that description. Now they touch on a variety of genres: Rebetika, Rock, Hip Hop, Milongo and Tango.

The CD has instrumental tracks and a host of songs, one which is sung a capella. This is a journey through musical landscapes which leaves the listener ready for lots more.

This one's for Dan:

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