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Mexican Songstress Carla Morrison Wins Latin Grammy For 'Déjenme Llorar'

Despite her English name, Carla Morrison is Mexican. Her father, Hilario Viera, ran away from Durango, Mexico as a young man and ended up  in San Diego. Hilario was adopted by William Morrison, who in turn gave him his new surname.

Years later, Hilario returned to Mexico and married Porfiria Flores in Tecate where Carla was born. She received a high school education in Phoenix and pursued music studies at the University of Arizona. It wasn't until she reached high school that anyone realized she could sing, as she was extremely shy as a girl.

Carla's music is lauded by her fans, who identify strongly with the sentiments expressed in her lyrics, songs about the emotional ups and downs of a young woman. She is also politically involved with Mexican politics and has recorded an anthem urging her Mexican fan base to be heard and vote in the elections.

At this year's Latin Grammys, Carla was awarded two for her album, "Déjenme Llorar."

Watch the video for the title track, "Déjenme Llorar"

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