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SXSW 2012: Marianne Dissard

Courtesy Photo

Marianne Dissard was born in France, and even though she lives now in Tucson, Arizona. She has been a filmmaker, a performance artist and is presently a writer, blogger and singer. Although she’s been working in English more and more often, Dissard found recently that hip hop beats work especially well with her native tongue. “It’s got that innate rhythm to it,” she says.

Her newest songs are quite personal, composed after a recent tour. “It was nine months… I thought I’d find myself on the road, but I lost myself on the road,” she explains. “I fell into this dark pit, and a lot of the songs are coming from that.”

Official site: http://www.mariannedissard.com

Marianne Dissard - Official Music Video for "The One And Only" - Album "L'Abandon" from Marianne Dissard on Vimeo.

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