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What Went Wrong In Flint? Scientists Investigate 'Poisoned Water'

Caitlin Saks
A damaged pipe excavated from a Flint residence. Replacing all of Flint's lead pipes will be a multi-year endeavor.

"Water. Turn on the faucet and it's always there. Without it we perish. But how safe is our tap water?"

Using Flint, Michigan, as a case study, a new documentary focuses in on vulnerabilities in water systems across the U.S. Lead began seeping into the drinking water when the city switched its supply in 2014, causing a massive public health crisis.

Scientists explore the biology of lead poisoning, the chemistry of water, and the potential health consequences of drinking from a tainted water supply, to understand what went wrong in Flint and what it means for the rest of the country.


"Poisoned Water" airs tonight at 8 p.m. on PBS. View your local listing here.

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