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The Source: 'The Science Of Fear' - Why We Crave Thrills And Chills

Flickr: wolfgangfoto http://bit.ly/2es92C0

Evolution has primed the human body to react to danger with a racing heart, sweaty palms and an overwhelming feeling of anticipation. The physical state of fear, intended to trigger a biological fight-or-flight instinct, provides an adrenaline rush that keeps people seeking out spooky situations to get a scared sensation.

Fear is a universal human experience, but do we really understand it? Why has getting scared for fun become an increasingly sought-after experience over the last few centuries? What are the physical, psychological and social reasons we crave thrills and chills?

Guest: Margee Kerr, Ph.D in Sociology from the University of Pittsburgh, where she currently teaches and conducts research on fear, and author of “Scream: Chilling Adventures in the Science of Fear