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Sanctuary Cities, Immigration, The Border On Film


This week on FRONTERAS:   


·         The Texas Senate passes a bill that would cut funding to sanctuary cities.


·         Travis County explores alternative funding to replace $1.5 million dollars cut due to immigration policy.


·         In Washington, Republicans move to reduce the number of green cards given out each year.


·      U.S. energy companies want to do business with Mexico’s troubled energy company Pemex, but reform is needed first.


·    Viewing the U.S.-Mexico border through the art of cinema at a film festival hosted in both countries.


Texas Senate Passes Sanctuary City Ban

Texas is one step closer to banning sanctuary cities.  The Texas Senate this week quickly approved legislation to ban sanctuary cities. Senate Bill 4 would gut funding to local governments that don’t cooperate with immigration officials.  But as, Texas Public Radio’s Ryan Poppe reports the bill will likely move more slowly through the Texas House, where representatives have their own sanctuary city proposals.

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Travis County Explores Ways To Overcome Immigration Policy Funding Cuts

In Travis County, commissioners are figuring out how to replace $1.5 million dollars in grant money cut by Governor Greg Abbott.  The governor acted after Sheriff Sally Hernandez announced a policy limiting her cooperation with the federal immigration agency known as ICE.  KUT’s Audrey McGlinchy reports while private donations are starting to come in, it’s not nearly enough to fill the budget gap. 

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Republicans Propose New Law To Reduce Legal Immigration

When Donald Trump was running for president he pledged to reduce immigration, both illegal and legal. His allies in Congress hope to make good on that promise.  NPR’s John Burnett reports on new legislation targeting legal immigration.

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U.S. Energy Companies Look To Invest In Mexico’s Pemex But Reform Needed

American oil and gas companies like Exxon Mobil---formerly led by new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson-- are partnering with Pemex, Mexico’s state-owned energy company. Mexico wants to modernize, financially stimulate, and clean up its energy industry. But as Marfa Public Radio’s Lorne Matalon reports from Mexico City, reform has to take place at Pemex itself before more U.S. companies invest.

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Border Film Festival Jointly Hosted In San Diego And Tijuana

A West Coast film festival recently viewed the debate over the U.S. Mexico border through the art of cinema.  And, for the first time in 11 years, the Trans-Border Institute’s annual film festival took place on both sides of the dividing line – at the University of San Diego and in Tijuana, Mexico.   Border Film Week showcased work from immigration to violence, human rights and the environment.  Maureen Cavanaugh of KPBS spoke with Ev Meade, executive director of USD’s Trans-Border Institute and Betzabé García, producer and director of “Los Reyes de pueblo que no existe” or “Kings of Nowhere” – winner of the 2016 SXSW Global Audience Award.

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