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On Fronteras: The Cost Of Border Security, And Kids Celebrating Citizenship

Houston Public Media
Border agents on patrol in McAllen, Texas

This week on Fronteras: 

·         The money being spent to secure the U.S.-Mexico border

·         The need for advanced Emergency Medical Technicians in rural border areas

·         How 9-1-1-calls for help are being answered in Santa Fe

·         Students in San Diego and Mexico City work together on videos targeting media violence.

·         SCOTUS ruling protects the rights of non-voters

·         The tornado survivor who lost her home by mistake gains notoriety.

·         A special ceremony celebrating citizenship for kids in San Diego.

Money Spent On U.S.-Mexico Border Security

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement recently completed a five-week operation targeting transnational criminal gangs. Project Shadowfire netted more than 1,100 arrests around the country, including more than 700 in U.S.-Mexico border states.  Houston Public Media’s Andrew Schneider takes a look at the money being spent on border security.

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Advanced EMTS Needed On Border

Emergency care on the border can be crucial for immigrants.  In California, when 911 is called in San Diego County, the first responder is usually a paramedic- an Emergency Medical Technician or EMT.  Tom Fudge of KPBS talked with reporter Leo Castaneda about how advanced EMT’s can help save lives in rural border areas.

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Answering Calls For Help In Santa Fe

In New Mexico, there’s a new program to help people who frequently call 911. Many who call are homeless or have behavioral health issues because medical care is out of reach. KUNM’s Ed Williams reports on how Santa Fe is trying out a new approach to answer those calls for help. 

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San Diego And Mexico City Students Target Media Violence

San Diego and Mexico City high school students recently collaborated on videos about media violence. Jean Guerrero of KPBS reports the goal is to have students learn from each other by working on global problems.

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SCOTUS Decision Protects Non-Voter Access To Government

Democrats and civil libertarians are applauding a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on a Texas case that challenged the way voting districts are drawn.  Texas Public Radio’s Shelley Kofler reports the decision in Evenwel v. Abbott may bolster the growing influence of Latino voters.

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Tornado Survivor Who Lost Home Makes News Overseas

Two weeks ago Lindsay Diaz of Rowlett was preparing to repair her tornado-damaged home when a demolition company leveled it by mistake. KERA’s Courtney Collins reports the days since have been a haze of meetings with insurance adjusters, phone calls with her builder and media requests from across the country-- and the world.  

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Special Ceremony Honors Children As New Citizens

Growing up in the U.S. includes many milestones, from school plays to graduations. For 49 children in San Diego you can add another unique event:  becoming American citizens. Matt Bowler of KPBS witnessed the special ceremony.

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