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On Fronteras: Southwest Cities Study Bus Rapid Transit, Bill Would Change Cuban Immigration

Lorney Matalon
Marfa Public Radio
Transmilenio's rapid buses enter and exit a rail-like raised platform in Bogata, Colombia.


 This week on Fronteras: 

·         Two South Texas congressmen say it’s time to change the U.S. policy of fast-tracking Cuban immigrants for citizenship.

·      Latino immigrants are seeking citizenship so they can vote for the next U.S. president.

·        In Houston, a call for a federal investigation into Super Tuesday voting delays.

·       Bus Rapid Transit in Bogotá, Colombia is a cost efficient system attracting the interest of some southwestern cities.

·         How North Texas nonprofits are helping families cover the cost of daycare while they wait for their federal subsidies.

CUBA Act Would Stop Fast Tracking Cubans for Citizenship

When Cubans flee their country and come to the United States they are considered refugees. That gives them special benefits and a fast path to U.S. citizenship.

Credit U.S. House of Representatives
Rep. Henry Cuellar, (D) Laredo, has introduced the CUBA Act, which calls for ending fast-tracking of citizenship for Cuban immigrants.

Two South Texas congressman say that 50-year old policy is outdated and unfair and they want it repealed.  Rep. Henry Cuellar a Laredo Democrat, and Rep. Blake Farenthold, a Corpus Christi Republican, have  introduced the CUBA Act- CUBA stands for Correcting Unfair Benefits for Aliens.  Texas Public Radio’s Shelley Kofler talked with Rep. Cuellar about the legislation, and why opposition to the dual policy for immigrant treatment is especially strong in his community of Laredo.

TPR Interview with Rep. Henry Cuellar

The Presidential Election Spurs Immigrants to Become Citizens

Some immigrants who have lived in the U.S. for years without become a citizen, are now determined to earn their citizenship status.  They want to have a say in who becomes the next American president.  Jean Guerrero of KPBS reports.

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Texas Congressmen Want Super Tuesday Voting Delays Investigated

In Houston, two congressmen are calling for the federal government to investigate Super Tuesday Voting Delays.  U.S. Representatives Gene Green and Al Green, both Democrats, say a shortage of voting machines and last minute polling changes discouraged some Hispanic and African-American voters.  Houston Public Media's Andrew Schneider reports. 

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Southwest Cities Interested In Colombia’s Bus Rapid Transit

Right now, cities like San Antonio, Houston, Albuquerque and Phoenix are studying a mass transit program known as Bus Rapid Transit, B-R-T. San Diego and Los Angeles already have B-R-T, which takes principals from light rail and underground subways —with dedicated lanes and rail-like stations—but it costs much less.  Lorne Matalon of Marfa Public Radio recently took a ride on the world’s largest B-R-T in Bogotá, Colombia.

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North Texas Nonprofits Help Families Pay for Daycare

Federal subsidies help low income families pay for quality daycare, but it often takes months to receive that money.  Enter some North Texas nonprofits that are helping as KERA’s Courtney Collins reports.  

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