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Star Wars Being Dubbed Into Navajo

Photo by Tristan Ahtone.
"Star Wars" character Boba Fett in front of the Navajo Nation seal.

Fronteras: A Texas senator is calling for complete border security before many provisions of the immigration bill would take effect. A look at how an American P.R. company is helping transform Baja California’s reputation. This summer Star Wars gets released with a new language dub in Navajo. Environmentalists and Native American tribes are fighting mining efforts near the Grand Canyon.

Citizenship Status Could be Delayed with Amendment by Texas Senator

The Senate’s comprehensive immigration bill is set to hit the floor next week with an anticipated lengthy debate and amendment process. As Joey Palacios reports, one Texas senator is calling for complete border security before many of the provisions in the bill can take effect.

Tribes, Environmentalists Fight Uranium Mining Near Grand Canyon

Mineral experts say the land surrounding the Grand Canyon contains some of the richest uranium ore deposits in the country. Countries such as India and China are clamoring for the ore, as they expand their nuclear energy industries.

Back in March, Fronteras brought you a story about uranium mining from the industry’s perspective. Now we hear from environmentalists and Indian tribes who oppose mining near the canyon. Fronteras reporter Laurel Morales recently took a flight over the area to get their perspective.

Leonard Knight Makes A Visit to Salvation Mountain

Salvation Mountain is a burst of color in an otherwise barren landscape in the Imperial Valley desert, two hours east of San Diego. Leonard Knight began building Salvation Mountain in the early 80s and neverstopped.

Just over a year ago, Knight entered a nursing home, raising questions as to what would happen to his creation. Reporter Angela Carone joined Knight on a rare visit to his mountain, which has been called a national treasure.

Million Dollar Makeover? Behind Baja's New Image

Tourism in the Mexican border state of Baja California plummeted in recent years, a victim of bad press and drug war violence. Baja's historic reputation for sun and surf was eclipsed by the headlines. So, in 2010, the state contracted with an American public relations firm to help fix its image abroad.

For the Fronteras Desk, Erin Siegal McIntyre reports on the ongoing campaign to shift public attention from homicide and crime to tacos, art, and wine.

Star Wars Being Dubbed Into Navajo Language

Star Wars, Episode Four will premier this summer, dubbed into Navajo.  It’s the first time a major motion picture has been translated into a Native American language.  As Christine Trudeau reports from Albuquerque, the project may provide an important tool for Navajo families wishing to learn and preserve the language.