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How Can We Find More Time To Be Still?

Part 6 of the TED Radio Hour episode Quiet

About Pico Iyer's TED Talk

Pico Iyer says sitting still and reflecting is hard work. But we bring so much more to our experiences, and relationships when we make time to think.

About Pico Iyer

It's in stillness that we prepare ourselves for dealing with the realities of life, which are often very difficult ones.

Travel writer Pico Iyerbegan his career documenting a neglected aspect of travel — the sometimes surreal disconnect between local tradition and imported global pop culture. Since then, he has written multiple books exploring the cultural consequences of isolation.

Iyer's latest focus, and book, is on yet another overlooked aspect of travel: how can it help us regain our sense of stillness and focus in a world where our devices and digital networks make us more and more distracted.

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