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Internet's Top Level Domain Addresses Will Be Changing Soon

Over the next few months, the way we navigate the Internet will change. While dot-coms will not be eliminated, webhosters will be able to choose different domain names that end in other words besides the traditional .net, .edu, or .gov.

For tpr.org. the .org is what’s called a top level domain (TDL). The Internet Corporation for assigned Name and Numbers (ICANN) is preparing to release hundreds of new top level domains that can end in anything.

Major Hayden, the chief security architect at Rackspace, said pretty soon people can register web addresses that end in other words like .hotel, .music and .shop in place of .com.

You could buy a .running domain and you could have something like www.peter.running (example) if your name was Peter and you wanted people to come to your blog about running. Or if it was a running shoe company they could come by and purchase the domain, so you could have www.newbalance.running (example).

The TLD’s like .com and .org are not going anywhere, they can still be registered, however many companies could begin reserving their trademarks such as .Amazon, and .Pepsi to protect brands.

"That may cost companies a lot of extra money as they go to ensure that all these TLD’s have a Walmart dot whatever it is, or something like that," Hayden said.

So far only four top level domains have been released each of which using different characters from other languages. ICANN is planning for about 1400 new top level domains.

Joey Palacios can be reached atJoey@TPR.org and on Twitter at @Joeycules