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Cedar Fever has hit San Antonio. Make sure your sniffling and sneezing isn't more than allergies

A cedar tree releases pollen.
Andy Heatwole on Flickr
A cedar tree releases pollen.

A perfect storm of rising COVID-19 infections and a massive amount of cedar pollen in the air has arrived in South Central Texas.

How do you know if that sneezing and sniffling is COVID or allergies? It’s not exactly clear cut.

"Allergies should not cause fever. So that's one of the distinguishing features," said San Antonio allergy specialist Dr. John Freiler.

He said there’s another difference between COVID and allergy symptoms:

"(COVID) tends to be more of a dry, nonproductive cough, whereas in asthma you'll get the wheezing, chest tightness, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing associated with that," he said.

Freiler said to help cope with allergy symptoms from cedar fever use natural tear eyedrops and saline solution for the sinuses. Over-the-counter steroid nose sprays can also help.

If you have any doubts about your symptoms,get tested for COVID-19.

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