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Weekender: Fun For the Kids, A Grave Celebration And A Brazilian Guitarist

May 31, 2019

From fun for the kids to a very grave celebration to an adult night out with Brazilian guitar, we’ve got your weekend lowdown.  

The Doseum

First off, take your kids down Broadway to the Doseum, where CEO Daniel Menelly says their new science exhibit called “Going Places” isn't so much about beakers and lab coats.

kids on hoverdisk
Credit courtesy the Doseum

"Yeah,” Menelly laughed. “There will be beakers in lab coats in other experiences. But this one is more hands-on, and it's more about forces and motion."

The exhibit is all about different ways of getting there, and the Doseum's hands-on tendencies seem to have been taken to new levels.

"There's a flight simulator that invites children to climb aboard, and they actually pilot the plane through the skies. It's more than simply turning left and right,” he said. “It's also a hover disk, and they can hop on board the hover disk, and they're going to float across the floor."

recumbant bikes
Credit the Doseum

Menelly thinks that this kind of play can have real-life payoffs later on.

"We hope that as they study forces and friction - as they do in science class or even in school overall - their experiences in an exhibit like ‘Going Places’ will help to contextualize their learning,” he said. “Something that they may see in a textbook later on and say 'oh yes, I did that at the Doseum!'"


What: Going Places exhibit

Where: The Doseum

When: June 1-September 8

Cost:  $14, First Fridays of the month, families are free

Lydia Mendoza Plaque Dedication

Then on Saturday afternoon, here's an odd idea from historian Sarah Gould: Go to a graveyard!

Lydia Mendoza
Credit courtesy the family of Lydia Mendoza

"This is going to be the first historical marker in San Fernando #2, and it's going to be the first historical marker for a woman," she said.

And not just any woman. It’s Lydia Mendoza.

Mendoza was one of the first Spanish language singers recorded, and she spent a career touring internationally and winning awards for her singing.

"That was probably the thing that set her apart. When she would sing a song you could just feel the emotion," Gould said.

That State of Texas Historical marker dedication will be at her graveside at San Fernando Cemetery #2 on Castroville at Cupples Road.

Lydia Mendoza
Credit courtesy the family of Lydia Mendoza

"We'll be doing that at 2 p.m., and then at 5 p.m. we'll be having a birthday party for her,” she said. “The birthday celebration is at Rinconcito de Esperanza at 816 S. Colorado St."


What: Lydia Mendoza plaque dedication

Where: San Fernando Cemetery #2, 287 Cupples Road

When: 2 p.m. Saturday

Cost:  free

World Stage Saturday

Then on Saturday night, Carmens De La Calle will be a hot spot.

Gabriel Santiago
Credit Jose Colucci Jr.

Owner Paula Sullivan says what’s happening is called "World Stage Saturday."

"World Stage Saturday is where we host various musicians from around the world. We try to, you know, make it more eclectic,” she said. “It could be Brazilian. It could be reggae. It could be straight jazz, or Flamenco."

This Saturday they’re going simple, with a single guitarist.

"Yes, this Saturday we've got guitarist Gabriel Santiago. He's from Sao Paulo, Brazil," she said.

Carmen's isn't a huge place, so regardless of where you sit, Sullivan says you're up close and personal with the musicians.

"It's right there, you get to talk to the musicians between sets,” Sullivan said. “It's always interesting to have a conversation about where they're from. And you get to see their skills right up close."

Have a good weekend!


What: World Stage Saturday, Carmen’s De La Calle

Where: 320 N. Flores

When: 8 p.m. Saturday

Cost:  $25-$65