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'Tall Tales Told' At San Antonio's Confluence Park

Jul 9, 2018

Sue Kuentz, SASA president
Credit Chuck Kuentz

Confluence Park will be the setting for tales told — some tall and others perhaps not-so-tall. 

Stories are at the heart of the San Antonio Storytellers' event Saturday.

"Perpetuate the ancient art of storytelling where you're actually just having conversations and telling stories. We're making connections all the time," said Sue Kuentz, one of the even organizers.

Its free event is open for all ages.

"We are calling it 'Storytelling Under the Stars: Multicultural Tales of Wonder, Wit, Misunderstandings,' " she said. 

Kuentz said that attendees will feel a wide variety of human emotions.

Members of San Antonio Storytellers Association
Credit Chuck and Sue Kuentz

"Conflict, laughter,  humor, awe, sadness — anything that will rouse your five senses so that others can be created afterwards by each and every listener," she said.

As for what to expect, she said: "Magic — pure magic. They cannot expect to see someone reading a book. That's not going to happen. Kuentz said.

"They'll hear different perspectives. So that they can safely journey where they haven't before."

The event begins at 7:30p.m.

"We'll have seven storytellers and one emcee. Two of the storytellers are youth tellers — what we call our torch bearers of the national storytelling showcase. And then the other storytellers are a part of our San Antonio Storytelling Association," she said.

The event will be held at Confluence Park's pavilion at 7:30 p.m. Saturday. Bringing chairs is encouraged.

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