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San Antonio Company To Play A Role In President's Inauguration

A San Antonio company will have a presence at the 58th Presidential Inauguration of Donald Trump next month.


The five flags that will hang on the outside of the Capitol behind the dais are being hand-sewn by San Antonio-based Dixie Flag & Banner Company.


The two outside flags will consist of the 13 stars in a circle and the center flag will be the current 50-star flag.  The two flags that hang on either side of the 50 star flag are the design for when New York became part of the union -- New York being the new President’s home state.


But Dixie Flag President Pete Van de Putte explains they're making some changes to avoid four identical flags.


 “The two flags on the inside are going to be the original design of the 13 stars, which was in the 3-2-3-2-3 configuration, which is actually the flag that the Continental Congress was looking at when they passed the flag resolution,” Van de Putte says.


The banners are 12-1/2 -feet by 25-feet in size.


The inauguration of Donald Trump will take place on Jan. 20. This marks the fourth time Dixie Flag has sewn the flags for an inauguration.