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City Council Passes Anti-Idling Ordinance

Joey Palacios
Texas Public Radio
San Antonio Police Chief William McManus and City Chief Sustainability Officer Doug Melnick take questions from City Council on enforcement of the anti-idling ordinance

Large vehicles caught idling for long periods of time will be subject fines starting next year. 

The San Antonio City Council has approved a new idling ordinance aimed at getting vehicles over 14,000 pounds to stop idling, which researchers say dramatically increases ozone pollution.  Under the ordinance, SAPD will be able to issue a ticket of up to  $500 if a large vehicle is observed or reported to be idling more than five minutes . 

District 8 Councilman Ron Nirenberg said during Thursday’s council meeting the ordinance is a step in the right direction to improving San Antonio’s air quality. “This action today is not a silver bullet, in fact it barely scratches the surface. But I think it’s the first step in a long process for us to shore up our air quality in our communities; something that’s going to require all of us to be on-board.”

The San Antonio area is on the verge of falling out of compliance of EPA air regulations.  The anti-idling ordinance takes effect January 1st.