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Bexar County Sees Record Number of Voter Registrations

Bexar County is seeing a record number of residents registering to vote before the March 1 primary for the presidential elections. 

"We are just thrilled. We’ve seen a huge ramp up in our registered voters," said Elections Administrator Jacque Callanen.

The last time the country had a presidential election with no incumbent running was 2008. There were 871 thousand 9 hundred and 16 voters registered here. Now, the country has that same kind of race and today, there are 975 thousand 3 hundred and 29 registered voters.

"So you can see, we’re 104,000 above that in those eight years which just screams volumes here," she said. "I really think by November that we should break a million registered voters."

Callanen said the rise in registrations can be attributed to enthusiasm for the election and the unprecedented growth seen here in San Antonio.