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City Leaders Say San Antonio Under No Immediate Terror Threat

City of San Antonio

Following recent attacks in Paris and other cities, San Antonio’s Mayor, Fire, and Police Chief say the city is under no immediate terror threat.

Mayor Ivy Taylor says the goal for all safety departments is to stop incidents before they occur, but the city does have the necessary equipment and personnel if anything should happen.

In the Public Safety Headquarters, the Fusion Center plays a big part in both preventing and reacting to emergencies.

Police Chief William McManus says the Center is a hub for collecting vital information.

“We mine data," says McManus. "We put any actionable intelligence back out into the field for the officers to use. We share information up here with about 35 different agencies between here, Laredo, and Del Rio.”

Intelligence Officer David Padilla says in the event of an emergency, the hundreds of 911 calls received would be shared with officers in the Fusion Center.

“We’re going to be going through every single call and looking for that one piece of information that might be significant," says Padilla, "whether it be a partial license plate, maybe a suspect description.” 

Mayor Taylor and Chief McManus say  the terrorism in Paris has not placed San Antonio in an official heightened state of alert. So McManus says with no specific intelligence, no preventative action has been taken at this time.