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Digital DNA Kit To Help Find Missing Children

Heidi Search Center

The Heidi Search Center has introduced another device that could help find a child should he or she ever go missing. It’s called a “Digital DNA Kit.” It’s a piece of paper that a parent or guardian can fill out.

“It lists the online places where the kids are active,” said Heidi Search Center Director Dottie Laster. “Maybe they’re playing online gaming and that’s interactive, so we need to know that information.”

Laster added it’s a good idea to take a screen shot of all the applications on their phone and go through them with user names and passwords and document them on this piece of paper. Knowing where a child has been online can help in finding them should they go missing.

The Digital DNA Kit is a supplement to the Child ID Kit introduced years ago by the Heidi Search Center that includes a place to store finger prints, a photo, and a DNA sample of your child.

Digital DNA Kit